10 Ways to Open A Kitchen to The Outdoors

If you are considering some updates to your kitchen and live in a climate that’s friendly to outdoor living, consider opening up your kitchen to light, air and outdoor entertaining with glass doors or pass-through windows.

  1. Go For Sliders

Sliding glass doors and screens that slide into pockets take up no extra space, but have the potential to vastly expand the square footage of a kitchen during nice weather. Sliding glass door will protect your privacy and somehow maximized the incorporating of sunshine.

  1. Try folding windows

Bar style window will allow you to completely open up the kitchen and let in breeze and sun. The bar style window will turn your kitchen space more fun and modern. It definitely will become your best spot in your family.

folding windows
  1. Open up a gallery kitchen.

Limited space and don’t have the condition to have a glass wall? Check it out: Glass doors at the end of a narrow gallery kitchen offer an enticing view of the backyard and can by flung open to allow easy access to an outdoor dining area.

Open up a gallery kitchen

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