Beyond your imagination—unusual windows with a fresh point of view

Modern complex of white apartment buildings

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for a more special architectural style. Architects and designers today are breaking the conventional window shape without breaking the glass. Check out 5 unusual and special windows offer a fresh perspective in the world.

1)There are always more window choices than rectangle and square.  You can have an irregular shape window in irregular color. So much fun!

Split-circle spectacle

2) Who said the loft space is only for storage boxes, the circle is neatly insert within the triangular space and balanced by the circular coffee table. Be creative enough and you can always turn your loft into your favorite secret spot.

3) The upper volume of this two-stories home is angled to project over the courtyard below. A large window on the front face of it is also slanted to follow the lines and form, while a triangular window with sliding door is on the left side, and three thin and slanted windows on the right.

circular windows

4) I’m feeling like living in a space capsule.  Two circular windows- one smaller, one larger- are set into this vertically paneled bedroom wall.

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