How to Handle Privacy & A View With Window Treatments

Do you enjoy your own bath time after a long day at work? Lying down in the tub for a while is very relaxing. I mean, who doesn’t expect their bathroom that feels like a haven worthy of a five-star resort. The glamorous minimalist bathrooms we see in modern design photos often have large picture windows where you can enjoy a nice view while taking the bath. However, there is not need to compromise on privacy if you’d love to open your open your bathroom to the outdoors. What if you can have a window that exposes your bathroom to light without exposing you? You definitely deserve to enjoy light and view without strutting your stuff to the neighbors. Let’s see your options.

Internal courtyard

If the condition is possible, you can have your external wall turned into a wall of windows. In that case, you can take the most advantage of your space and invite light to enter from above.

Window film & blinds

There are many types of adhesive films that can be used on different- shaped windows, giving you the chance to control how much of your window is transparent and how much is obscured.

Change your window shape

Another great way to enjoy the outside but also enjoy your privacy is to incorporate a long and narrow floor window that allows the bathroom to extend to the outside world. Low – set window is your best friend!

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