How to Choose the Right Window Covering

Transforming your space can be as easy as selecting the right window treatment. And yet, with more options than ever before, it can be very difficult to decide what to put up in a room. Shades or drapes? Curtains or blinds? Or shutters?

Before you start everything, you should know the purpose of the room. If you’re installing window coverings in a media room, it’s important to shut out all the light. If you’re installing them in a baby’s room, then you’ll want the option of being able to let some light in the room at times, while shutting it all out when the baby is sleeping. In a living room, you’ll want to provide plenty of privacy while still keeping the room light and airy.


Shades are a perfect option to add privacy and block out light. They are often used to filter or soften light rather than to block it, even when completely down.

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Shutters offer a classic, elegant look that privileges both function and style equally. In addition to being sturdier than either shades or blinds, shutters also come with a higher price tag.

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Pretty similar to shades, blinds are always harder and more expensive. Blinds offer great versatility in terms of light blocking. They can be completely opened or closed, or angled to let light filter in where and when you want it.

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Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are often the unsung heroes of interior design. Not only do they filter out harsh light and the gaze of your nosey neighbor, but they can set the mood and tone of a room.


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