What is the misunderstanding when choosing windows and doors

What is the misunderstanding when choose windows? . Talk about lowering prices with high-end products. Talk about high quality with low-end products……

It is often to get a question from the customers that why our products are more expensive than others’ since it seems that they are the same. But, is that true?

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Look at the color

The true color of materials is not pure white, but the uniform color of milky white.

Check the weight

The good doors and windows are very heavy. For real material, just check if the quality of iron lining is good.

Check the handwork

Check if the connections of four corners have gaps and if the work is fine.

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Check the glass quality

the quality of the glass should include the properties of transmittance, smoothness, heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, solar radiation resistance, climate change resistance, etc. In addition, observe whether there are bubbles, inclusions, scratches, burrs, etc. For example: Value doors and windows factory glass make use of Cardinal, the highest share the world’s residential glass, for the production.

Checkthe thickness and hardness of plastic materials

Check the durability and quality of hardware

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Check the certification authority

Check if it has AAMA NFRC certification in the United States, and whether the level of the door and window certification meets the building strength requirements. The most important thing is to make sure if manufacturers produce their doors and windows according to the strict requirements of 100% certification test, because it must hurt the benefits of the customers and builders! For this point, Value windows and doors strictly follow the standards.

Scientific Design

Use energy-saving materials, Decrease the emission,Add brilliance o the traditional and modern buildings

Good sound insulation

If the structure of windows and doors are well designed. If the connections are tight. If the materials are good. The above standards can affect the quality of windows and doors to a large extent.

Unseen place reveals conscience

The unseen place can reveal the conscience manufacturing. The quality of windows and doors reflects on the facts that if the pulley is smooth,the connection is enduring and so on. These unseen places can also affect the quality of windows and doors to a certain extent.

Good anti-theft

Equipped with excellent metal components, special open or under hanging multiple opening and closing methods to ensure residential safety. Whether the manufacturer has the ability to produce soundproof glass is also an important part of the security.

Good flame retardancy

Plastic steel window is an excellent flame retardant material, it is not self-igniting, does not support combustion, and can self-extinguish. It is an ideal home choice.

Shock proof

Value Windows and Doors uses the impact-resistant formula, and the profile is strong and resistant to cracking.

Easy maintenance

The steel profile is almost free from erosion, does not turn yellow and fades and is not affected by ash, cement, glue, etc.,It almost requires no maintenance.

Good water tightness

The design of Value Windows and Doors can completely isolate the rain from the outdoors.

Good air tightness

It can be used in indoors with heating and cooling equipment to fully utilize the air conditioning effect and save energy.

Not corroded

Plastic steel doors and windows are not affected by acid and alkali corrosion, and are not affected by exhaust gas and salt. It is very suitable for use in coastal areas and industrial areas.

Good heat preservation

Plastic steel doors and windows have low thermal conductivity, and the heat insulation effect is better than aluminum. It can effectively maintain room temperature.

Value Windows and Doors will give you surprise!

In the confrontational competition, high prices are often upset by low prices, but the low price is always difficult to compete with high prices, even in the face of high prices.

Because —— Without reasonable profit support, where is the quality assurance and service!About the price,Customers are very clear about the penny!For this kindhearted customer, you are generous to me, I will be more sincere to you!The customer is a friend, thank you all the way!

Value Windows&Doors:German quality, Chinese efficiency, American spirit.

Product line includes:American series of doors and windows, European series of doors and windows Eurotek,Commercial aluminum window AL-Store Front and so on. The company introduces a complete set of German advanced profile production equipment. The entire production process uses fully automated operations and uses the German cantor enterprise resource management system and Japan actuarial refinement management. Value Windows&Doors implements California’s most stringent regulations, integrates the characteristics of American multi-ethnic environment and consumer habits, and is scientific, intelligent and personalized. It is one of the most abundant companies in the same industry. Corporate partners:Cardinal、Quanex、Aluplast and so on.

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