It’s time to dress up your window

Getting tired of your home decoration? Dying for a new look? How about some changes? Rather than paying for expensive new set of furniture, you can consider some of these classic and creative ways to dress your windows. Trust me! Window matters.

Black Sashes

I’m obsessed with industrial-inspired interiors as same as many of you. One of the most alluring is black window frames and doors. Paint your window frame into black. They can work just as well in a contemporary home as on a modern addition. Black frame can set the scene for elegant, ultra- contemporary and industrial styles.

Layered windows

Mirror is your friend! Hanging a mirror in the window fills in the window enough to create a sense of privacy while still allowing light to filter in. For more privacy simply cover the exposed glass with translucent film. The reflection on mirror will not increase the space visually.


What’s the dream? Mine is definitely a stunning house with functional design. As the trend of open upper shelves continues to grow, people are looking for new ways to apply them. I really love the way to stretch shelves across windows. Instead of placing full set of fine china, you can always find substitutes like flowers, vases, and seasonal decorations.

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