Value Windows and Doors with Fully Automated Equipment,The Beauty of Machinery and Detail

Well-known door and window manufacturer in California: Hengyi Door & Window Factory introduces a fully automatic cutting and machining center. It can fully automatically process of different types of aluminium profiles. Under the operation of the German ERP enterprise resource management system used in the Value Windows and Doors factory, each production process is optimized to ensure safe, stable and unobstructed operation of the process.

German aluminum alloy door and window automatic production system, can be described as the German industry 4.0, is walking in the forefront of the door and window industry. “If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen it.” , which means:To do a good job, first make the tool sharp.  How does Value Windows & Doors’s fully automatic cutting and machining center effectively improve the quality of aluminum alloy products?

  • Significantly increase labor productivity. It means more products can be manufactured per unit of time, and each labor input can create higher output values.
  • Product quality is highly reproducible and consistent, and can significantly reduce the failure rate.
  • Significantly reduce manufacturing costs.
  • High precision. Various high-precision guiding, positioning, feeding, adjusting systems or components are used on the machine to ensure high precision of aluminum alloy door and window assembly production.
  • Shorten manufacturing cycle. Automated cutting and machining center systems shorten the manufacturing cycle of the product, enabling fast delivery of Value Windows and Doors plants and increasing the competitiveness of the company in the market

Here you can watch the video to experience the German automation equipment of  Value Windows & Doors Factory, showing the beauty of machinery and detail.

The accuracy of the production system has been further improved.

Reduced error rate and improved accuracy of production system

Values Windows and Doors factory has been operating safely for several years in Germany’s ERP enterprise resource management system, under which the new high-performance door and window component cutting and machining centers can fully automatic produce the latest door and window components.

Value Windows&Doors:German quality, Chinese efficiency, American spirit.

Product line includes:American series of doors and windows, European series of doors and windows Eurotek,Commercial aluminum window AL-Store Front and so on. The company introduces a complete set of German advanced profile production equipment. The entire production process uses fully automated operations and uses the German cantor enterprise resource management system and Japan actuarial refinement management. Value Windows&Doors implements California’s most stringent regulations, integrates the characteristics of American multi-ethnic environment and consumer habits, and is scientific, intelligent and personalized. It is one of the most abundant companies in the same industry. Corporate partners:Cardinal、Quanex、Aluplast and so on.

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